Terms of Service

1. Gospelrhythmz.com will not request for your bank pin number nor Bank Verification Number (BVN).
2. Make sure you are the original owner of the content you are uploading otherwise Gospelrhythmz retain the money made for the transaction.
3. Gospelrhythmz will not allow a single content to be uploaded by multiple persons.
4. All contents and manager of the content will go through a verification process, to ensure safety of intellectual property(s).
5. You are expected to complete all verification process on or before the pay-out time.
6. All artiste should have good understanding with His/Her producer as to who manages content on this platform to avoid conflict of interest.
7. You must have a minimum of 100$ for you to be qualified for a pay-out.
8. Gospelrhythmz allows you to choose either to make your content paid or free during downloads.
9. Violation of any of the above rules, will black list you and completely ban you from using the platform.

10. Gospelrhythmz do not handle/manage your financial transactions directly. As such, we don’t have access to your account details.