Kennedy Ogeleka Vents Frustration.


With the recent happenings in the economy it seems every sector is having a rethink or restructre on the way things should and should not be .

Inspirational song writer, singer and worshiper, Kennedy Ogeleka, popularly known as MK (Minister Ken) has takenftaken to his face book page to vent his frustration and anger and has gained some support from other music ministers, such as  Don Praizy amongst some others. Below is a copy of what was written on his timeline…..

Official announcement!!! None of my soon to be released songs will be put up for free download ever again.  We spend a lot of money to get these songs out and it is really unfair on us and our finances to now give these songs out for free. No business can survive if it is being run like this, this is not good for continuity. As a worship leader and music director I have spent and still spend a lot of money running into and  over a million  naira in buying songs and albums of both foreign and local artistes from iTunes and other online music sales platforms just to always have my library updated and to always have a new song on my lips to sing to God in my place of worship. I believe it’s time for this change to be effected. Nigerians pls start buying our songs/albums(they are not expensive anyway) and stop asking for free download. An evangelist cannot have a successful crusade without finance, a church cannot have the best facilities e.g lights, sound and all without finance, we gospel music ministers too cannot continue to do what we have been called to do if people like you do not finance it by buying our songs or albums or even supporting us and our ministry financially . Pls understand that we do not do what we do for money but we need money to do what we do and anyone who tells you otherwise is not telling you the truth. Gospel music artistes need your support.#LetTheCampaignBegin #ThisFreeStuffsMentalityMustChange