I Found Jesus In Jail, Justin.


I found Jesus in jail, Justin

Most times, we underestimate the power of the media.

Growing up, they’ve made us believe that the television is the devil’s box! It’s in interesting to actually affirm my conviction, that whatever was created or made by man has always it’s positive use. However, the devil figures out the destructive part and cheer humans in that direction.

Justin has never taken Church seriously, due to the message of condemnation and guilt. So, he decided not to live his life that way. He stayed away from anything that has to do with the Church.

Listen to his story

Meet Justin! He got baptized last month at a Midweek service, in Free Chapel church at Gainesville, by Pastor Jentezen

I Found Jesus In Jail, Justin.


Watch and listen to how he got saved, in the video, at the point of his baptism.

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God bless you..