How I Moved From Being A Sacked Staff, To A Millionaire.

I graduated from one of the universities in Nigeria, in 2004 and since then, I have experienced lots of career instabilities. I would work in a company for six months and got sacked!

My life took this trend until 2007, when I told my Winners Satellite Fellowship (WSF) minister, who prayed with me. I also read and digested three books authored by Bishop David Oyedepo titled: Breaking the Curses of Life, Winning Invisible Battles and Exploits of Faith.

In that same year, I got a job in an establishment as a Regional Sales Manager. Six months after, the company which had struggled to sell less than 20,000 cases of their products nationwide, sold over 150,000 cases. In addition, the company’s profit increased to billions, all within one year!

In 2009, my Managing Director gave me a fat cheque for my hard work. On the 9th of January, I was able to purchase a land worth 12,000,000 naira, in Lagos. God is indeed faithful when you put His words to work.


Curtis A.