How I got Pregnant After I Had Been Tagged Barren.


How I got Pregnant After I Had Been Tagged Barren


I calmly waited to hear what next he would say to me but, he just walked away. I really didn’t take it serious, although, I was already confused at this point.


By morning, he walked into my room and said “You have still not parked your things or do you think I was joking? The lady carrying my unborn child will soon be here, I’m sure you can’t share the space in this house with her.” I begged and begged but, all to no avail.


I decided to go see my parents, since they have requested to see me. On my return and to my amazement, I saw my things (boxes containing my belongings) outside the house. When I knocked and knocked for some minutes and got no response, I packed my belongings, got a taxi, and back to my parent’s house because it was about to rain.


I remained in my parents’ house for six months, no job, no husband and nothing was moving at all! Suddenly, I my phone rang… It was an old friend of mine, who has just decided to check on me. We hadn’t seen in years and I’ve even forgotten she existed. Yes, I forgot her existence due to the troubles I am faced with but, I was glad she called. She promised to come see me after our brief discussion on the phone that day.

How I got Pregnant After I Had Been Tagged Barren.

Few days later, she showed up just like she has promised. She looked everything that a wealthy beautiful woman would look like and I was pleased to have her. At first, I thought she had joined the league of the “runs babes” but when we got talking, it was totally different.

I thought I knew Jesus, but she was sold out for Him. In her words, “I don’t worth any of the things I have, but Jesus did it! My husband, children and all you can think about, Jesus did it!”


I actually longed to hear how instead, she invited me to church. This time I understood what Christianity meant. I gave my life to Jesus Christ, and gradually started walking in the newness of the life I have just received. Material things and even the challenges I was faced with didn’t seem like anything to me anymore.

I decided to engage fully in soul winning and prayed for the interest of God’s kingdom. In six months, I got a job with a good pay but, I didn’t stop preaching the word and doing evangelism like I have always been doing. After church service on a Sunday, while I was trying to see that the new converts I brought to church are safe, I got a tap from behind.

How I got Pregnant After I Had Been Tagged Barren.

I turned round to see who tapped me; it was a good looking young man, who politely requested my permission to see me for a few minutes.


I obliged. To my amazement, he was asking me out! I was stunned and confused. I thought I had grown old and ugly, didn’t know Jesus was beautifying me as I gave myself to the work of his Kingdom.


I didn’t want to just jump into a relationship because I wasn’t even divorced yet. At this point, I had to go see my husband and the pregnant woman he had brought into the house, whom he claimed to have his unborn child. It dawned on me that he wasn’t bluffing after all.


I was treated like a total stranger in a house I had lived in for ten years. They were married with a son. I tried talking to him but he handed me the divorce papers and asked me if I wanted to lay claims of anything. I took the papers and left without saying a word to him but, prayed about the whole situation.


Dave, for the second time reminded me again about his request. This time I had no choice than to give him try. We dated six months and a few weeks to my birthday he said to me, “I wish to make this birthday the best you ever had”. I smiled and asked, what surprise are you bringing this time? Just wait and see, he said.


How I got Pregnant After I Had Been Tagged Barren.


It was on a Tuesday evening after visiting a few of my converts on my way to meet with Dave for the appointment we have fixed earlier, I decided to do a little shopping for some of my domestic needs, that, made me arrive late for the appointment at his place.

There was a party in his apartment and I didn’t quite understand what was happening. As soon as I opened the door, they all shouted, happy birthday!! I was flattered. And was moved tears while I stared at Dave just as I was about to say thank you, he did the unexpected.

He was down on his knees, and popped the question, “will you marry me?” Hmmm!! I was no longer moved to tears, I cried.


Indeed it was the best I ever had. All went on smoothly until our wedding night (Honey Moon). I felt like the honey was no longer with the moon, due to the stigma I carried in my head “barren woman” I became scared to the point that he could see the fear all over me. He was forced to ask what was wrong with me.


I struggled, but had to tell him how I felt. At this point, he reminded me of what he told me, when I explained all that I had been through. “The bible say there shall not be any barren in the land. You are a new person now, and Jesus has perfected all that concerns you” with these words, I felt life again.


A month later, I fell ill. I lost appetite for food and was so weak, that my husband had to rush me to the hospital. I was immediately admitted and feel asleep due to the injections I was given (I guess). I woke up few hours later, and Dave was just standing right there staring at me with smiles full of love.


I stared back but wondering what and why he should be staring at his sick wife and smiling. He handed me a paper, which was the doctor’s report. I looked at it with fears wondering what the problem could be this time. Tears ran down my eyes profusely and I asked “How?” he smiled and replied, “Jesus did it”.

I was two weeks pregnant! When I was due for delivery, it was so smooth, without complications.  Today, I am happily married with my husband and son, hale and hearty.  Jesus did it.


Onye dika Chukwu by Ugo Tuvi James

Note: The picture in this image does not represent the real person.