Finishing Strong In Your Relationship Part 1

After the call dropped, I couldn’t just get to bed in peace anymore. How could she say a thing like that? What am I here for? Does she thinks I’m a flirt? What are the odds that she will stay faithful especially with the distance between us now?
So many questions kept popping up which actually disrupted my sleep for the night.
I had engaged in a conversation with my girlfriend, with whom things working out as planned, I should be taking her to the alter. Along the line, just like I usually tease her, I asked, “Baby, how many toasters did you get today?” We both laughed and played around it for a while, so I said well it’s normal to have them though.

I further said, oh Babe, there’s this friend of mine who barely have time for admirers like she’s super busy with work, so no time for toasters. Like she said, “I have Sammy, and we’re serious about the whole process of settling down and working things out. So why do I have to meddle with that? I’ve started flying around Africa, (work related) he is also busy, and we make the most of the times we have so, what time do I keep for admirers?”

Suddenly, she responded with this sadness in her countenance, “ah! It’s not good now” I tried to explain further, she kept insisting, that the step my friend had taken isn’t good at all and that has left me doubtin, if she can actually stay faithful.
Psychologically, the devil never spake to Eve just once, for her to have been convinced to eat the forbidden fruit. She knew the rules as much as Adam did, but why did she do what she did?
One big but yet invincible picture people has failed to see, is this; Adam was always busy with work. When Adam was created, the first thing he saw and was given, was work! Basically, that was his primary assignment.

What was Eve’s assignment ? 💁

Eve was specifically created to be a helper. “I will make you a help mate” but was she really?
Sadly, while Adam was toiling, Eve had a gist partner whom she spends all her day with until Adam’s return. Apparently, she was already running shifts in her relationship. The devil during the day and Adam at night. She built so much confidence in the devil over time, which she probably must have called her bestie, reason why she could convince Adam with every zeal and zest that the forbidden fruit was good for the eating. Doubtlessly, that conviction didn’t happen immediately, it must have taken some days or even weeks before Adam reluctantly gave in, just to please her. Since then the death circle and suffering began, up until now.
Sadly, most relationships are repeatedly acting out the same mistakes Adam and Eve has made!
This same process has destroyed many prospective relationships and even marriages. When you meet a woman/man of purpose and ambition, who wants to get something meaningful out of life or plan to leave the world a little better than he/she met it, you’ll notice they’re serious minded people.

You can’t be a serious minded person and pay attention to every dick and harry that comes your way. You can’t be in a quest for success and still be looking for admirers at the same time. You can’t be on track as an athlete, and have time for fans and their greetings. Certainly not because you don’t like nor fancy them but, at that moment, your eyes are on the finish line, how to finish well. Same goes for this situation.

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