Finishing Strong In Your Relationship 2

Finishing Strong In Your Relationship part 2.

Serious minded people gets others to admire their accomplishments, not their physical appearance. It is the accomplishments that gives the physical it’s desired respect!

A Bill Gates in suit and his truck driver in suit, whom would you long to be like?

If God wanted Eve to have gist partners or admirers of the opposite sex, don’t you think he would have made another man? Why do you meddle with your destiny and blame God or others for the results you get?

It’s OK to have admirers but, your body or physic shouldn’t just be what they see, rather, your accomplishments in life, should give your body a standard for which they would aspire to achieve.

Once you have that guy/girl who’s ready to stand by you and make your dreams or each others dreams come true, ( both of you must be like minded) what more are you looking for outside in the name of admirers? Why are you giving “flirting” a customized name?

If you’re not ready for a relationship, don’t get into it! Never be the reason why a guy/girl will see the opposite sex/gender as inhumane and would want to treat them with such hurt and disrespect.

A guy/girl with dreams and aspirations for the future shouldn’t be with a guy/girl who doesn’t have the same. You can’t be minding the same things and not make progress in that direction.

“People on the race track don’t stop to greet fans while trying to hit the mark”. Admirers are meant to be responded to after the goal is achieved. If you’re busy seeking attention and approval of people when you have a goal / target, you will never reach that goal/target. Distraction is normal but, adhering to distractions is the biggest mistake, as it may call forth your doom with speed.

“Do Not Be Unequally Yoked!”
Just like you can’t tie a horse and a dog side by side in a race, so you’re not meant to gamble your life with someone who’s going no where, or who is not in the race with you.

Once you’ve found the one for you, do not give ears to those praises coming from an external party.

Annoyingly enough, the person you’re in that relationship with must have switched to work mood, saying in his/her mind, “I have responsibilities to meet up with, this must work, this or that”, and then forget to do certain things. Do not for that reason, start looking for such missing things outside.

That was the case with Adam and Eve!
Adam was the workaholic and obviously, in the process have forgotten to compliment his woman, so she got the nice words from the devil.

On the other hand, instead of Eve helping out, she was busy enjoying the devil’s compliments. Who knows, if Adam regularly had his eyes on Eve, while she exhibited her gifts or skills as a helper, the devil wouldn’t have stood a chance to convince her into eating the apple.

If you notice such in your relationship, instead of keeping mute and taking it to heart, call the other person’s attention to it! In sincerity, he/she might not remember.

Help and support each other, compliment each other, from time to time, let them know they are loved. You might not have all the money to show that now, the little things in a relationship for people with visions, matters a whole lot.

Keep pushing and working it out together. Victory is sweet when you have someone to share it with.


Finishing Strong In Your Relationship 2