Sanctuary Of Love by Sapphire ||

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Create Date February 27, 2019
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The acoustic guitar soul touching music was done by Chika, popularly known with her music name, Sapphire.

Verse 1

It was painful,the way it was done
I was guilty,find it hard to atone
Oh oh

In my misery I tried to run and hide but am gonna let it all out when I see you today.
Broken pieces was my heart in the first place
In the miry clay,am crushed no delay
Now my life is fading
Fading like a dim light
It's a world of no pay
If I lose you this way


Holy One of Nazareth
This soul is here to resurrect
Open wide the gate
And release the caged
In the sanctuary of love

Verse 2

In your presence is where I am safe
You're not absent in my life
I will rave 'cause now
I have seen that you're the pillar of my heart and it's a world of no pay if I lose u this way

Repeat chrous

Breathe your love in my life
Oh Jesus
Show me how safe I am
Breathe your love in my life

Chorus 2x

You are the lover of my life
No one could take me away
From this sanctuary