All I Need

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All I Need


I connect to the mighty source of the divine,
From my soul, I praise thee Heavenly Father,
Your impeccable, inestimable and unflinching grace, aura and splendors which stirs your mighty works and power in me beyond the ordinary...

In the light of your word, I am not who I am on the physical fashionista cruise, but a transformed, heavenly gift packaged in human form, sent to the world on a mission of wonders!
For I will lose it all if ever glorify myself above or take an iota of Your glory for fame...

And that is why You are all I need every time and every where...
In humility from the soul, I honour You... which ever launches me on the mighty wings of the Holy Spirit in surmounting all hurdles beyond the 'flesh'(i.e principalities and powers and rulers of the dark world).

Thank You Heavenly Father for being ever faithful and ever ready... My Father who is clothed in flames of fire (Alagbada ina), My Father who uses the the sun as His underwear(Alawotele oorun)!
In You  lies my strength...
In you I breathe...Through you, I live!
By Your making, I am ever relevant...
In humility I bow before your mighty throne..!

You are indeed 'all I will (ever)need' to get through in this dark world by the mighty seal of exemption which is packaged by your unfailing grace and mercy!
Only you are the source of glory!
In awe of your Majesty, I bow...

In my gifts, you are glorified! You give it all, so take it all!
None of me but all of You is all I yearn and crave for!
For I am dead without you...You are the only wise God, the Unchangeable-Changer!
Incomparable God, words fail me..!
Build me up from the inside, consecrate me so I can fulfil your desired intentions all to Your glory...
Bless my soul oh Lord!

Indeed, you are all I need...Nothing else can quench this thirst of mine, nothing else can satisfy!
I wait on You Lord... Do what only You can do in my life and through my life, because truly, You are 'ALL I NEED' for life!

I have nothing more to express than to appreciate the highly divin-istic unction of God Almighty upon Wale John, having sacrificed his convenience for destiny, towards blessing you and I beyond his comfort zones!