Crazy Cool Church Outreach Ideas You Can Use in 2020

Crazy Cool Church Outreach Ideas You Can Use in 2020.

Magazines for churches are great tools for outreach. However, it has been restricted to certain articles and doctrines. The “awake” magazine by the Jehovah’s witness and the Christian Women’s Mirror, by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry has however served so well, and has taken charge of the magazine space for most churches in Nigeria and a part of Africa. These magazines has both been educative and spiritual and have at some point served as a tool for out reach.


Notwithstanding, below are some other interesting outreach tools your church can apply today.


1. One Table Café

Trinity Church in New Jersey was looking to create a new community initiative that would take “church” outside the church walls. They were inspired by Jon Bon Jovi’s pay-what-you-can community restaurant and opened one of their own. They wanted to reach out to their community and offer a meal that was delicious and dignified. Many of their customers are homeless, live in extreme poverty or are domestic violence victims. This initiative bridges the gap between people of diverse backgrounds. Those with college degrees and 401Ks and those without jobs or degrees can come dine together. Fourteen restaurants in the area partnered with Trinity to help with the monthly dinners.


2. Beacon of Hope

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Arkansas has a specific ministry to the hurting, which accomplishes its mission primarily on social media. It’s a Facebook group for those who are grieving. A couple lost their teenage son in a tragic car accident. They didn’t know where to turn or how to move through their deep grief, but they found solace with others who were walking through heartbreaking situations by reading and sharing posts on the Facebook page. The ministry offers counseling and weekly meetings, but the purpose of the Facebook page is to allow people to share their story through words, prayers, songs, or art and to feel connected to others who understand loss.


3. Connecting Faith and Life

The Boston church called The Intersection identified a need in the community for free accessibleexercise and heart-healthy cooking classes. The predominantly African-American community is aware that heart disease is the leading cause of death for African-American women and that most families in the area can’t afford a gym membership. What started out as Zumba class and Bible study now makes up two-thirds of the church’s attendance.


4. Chain Reaction Ministries

When Reverend John Malget moved to Oklahoma City’s First Christian Church, he wanted to offer neighbors in need and homeless people a “hand up” not a “handout,” so a ministry equipping those in need with bikes to commute to work began. Since it’s start in 2013, there have been 1,400 donated bikes.


Crazy Cool Church Outreach Ideas You Can Use.


5. Kid’s Bike Event

Michigan gets pretty cold in the winters, so church member Kara Koster decided to give kids a fun and active outlet for their energy while staying warm inside the church. She connected her Moms in Tow business with a local bike shop and partnered with her church to host an event for kids to come, bring their bikes, and enjoy a bike course at the church, Harderwyk Christian Reformed Church.


6. Random Acts of Kindness

Indiana Pastor Brett Wilson decided to challenge his congregation at Cross Lane Community Church by passing out church business cards with the church’s information and the inscription, “Something Extra to Show You God Loves You.” The idea was to hand these cards out to church members who then used their creativity and resources to bless others. Some snuck the business card and $20 bill at a gas station pump or left the church card with some gift cards in library books to surprise someone.


All these and more are good outreach or evangelical tools. You just have to get creative about it, think outside the box, do the unconventional and wait for it’s result.


7. Manicure Ministry

Church member Nancy Blake and 25 women from Great Bridge Baptist Church in Virginia visit their local assisted living center each week and give the senior ladies manicures. They also organize socials and fun events, but their biggest impact is in the attention, time, touch and listening ears they give the women.

I hope you were inspired. Kindly share this article to enlighten others.

Crazy Cool Church Outreach Ideas You Can Use in 2020.

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