Amadin, Laments Over Leah’s Kidnap

Amadin Laments Over Leah’s Kidnap.

The fast rising Gospel artist, who’s known for one of widely spread single, “Champion“, has taken to his Facebook handle to air his concern about modern Christianity in our society today.

With respect to the kidnap of Leah by the Islamic sect, ” boko haram” Amadin Samuel Ihegie has expressed his bitterness and pain on how the little girl Leah, aged 13 at the time of her kidnap, has still not been found, and Christians in Nigeria are acting all cool like nothing’s happened.


Leah Sharibu is on my mind… In the early church when peter was captured, the church did not give up praying fervently until peter was miraculously delivered…

I’m looking at our total nonchalant attitude in our Churches towards the captivity of our very own kingdom Hero, Leah Sharibu who is held captive specifically because she refused to deny our Lord Jesus Christ… Is it because she is not directly in our local assembly???

Where are all the people defending the act of tithing and giving??? Is this not also an occasion for us to stand up as one voice and pray, and speak up until we see deliverance for our priceless jewel of the cross?

This is what happens when our priorities are totally misplaced as so called Christians.

Praise God for Kanye west’s conversion but y’all need to know that the loudest and purest gospel in Nigeria today is being preached by a little girl somewhere inside the camp of boko haram terrorists…

The Jesus of Leah Sharibu is my Jesus I don’t know about you. #FreeLeahSharibu

In addition to this, Panam Persy Paul also sang a song, for the young damsel,  who has vehemently stood for her Faith in Jesus Christ, not minding what the outcome might be.

It’s been said, if you’re doing the right thing or taking the right steps, don’t mind if the majority aren’t with you, keep at it, you’ll be justified in the end.

Amadin, Laments Over Leah’s Kidnap.

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