The Man Who Mentored Pastor Kumuyi


The Man Who Mentored Pastor Kumuyi.

This is a great man of God who at one point mentored, Pa Akindayomi of RCCG, Pastor Kumuyi of Deeper Christian Life Ministry and a whole lot of great evangelical ministers.

The most fascinating part of the whole story, was how he was rescued from the life of SIN. Hear him in his very words…

“After my schooling was completed, I was sin-bound: a drunkard, smoker, and a counterfeiter. For many years, I lived without peace, destitute of God. One time while under detention in an Abeokuta prison, awaiting trial for being in possession of counterfeit coins, the Lord convicted me of my pride and worldly ambition. I determined if God would set me free after the trial – I fully expected imprisonment – I would give Him my life. God answered prayer. I could hardly believe I was acquitted.”

He later became a member of The Apostolic Church and when Apostolic Church split into two because of doctrine on divine healing without drugs and money issue, he became an evangelist in Christ Apostolic Church. Yet his crave for knowledge of scriptures never withers. He yearned for more of God.

In his words…”From that time on, my heart hungered for more of God. I came in contact with a church, which was very popular throughout Nigeria. There I became a preacher, preaching holiness without practicing it, and teaching others to receive a fleshly experience without being saved from sin. I carried about this false doctrine for six years – without happiness.’  –  Here he was trying to explain that preaching what you don’t practice is false doctrine too.

In 1944,he resigned from the church he was connected with and started Apostolic Faith Mission in Nigeria with four other people, a daughter Church Apostolic Faith Church Portland Oregon USA.


The Man Who Mentored Pastor Kumuyi.

He was used by God to propagate the true doctrine of Scriptures, especially of three basic experiences of Salvation, Sanctification, Baptism of Holy Ghost and Restitution.

He pioneered this great mission in Africa with the motto “Africa for Christ”.

A man who wouldn’t compromise his faith. He wouldn’t spare the rod either. He maintained and stood for the scriptures till he laid down his sword at the Master’s feet.

Before his death Pastor Kumuyi met him forBefore his death Pastor Kumuyi met him for certain restitution. Pa Akindayomi also was returned back to life after death to come and make restitution about certain plagiarism. He later attended Pa Akindayomi’s burial and attested to the fact that Pa Akindayomi is a genuine man of God.

His name is Reverend Timothy Gbadebo Oshokoya. The first African Overseer of The Apostolic Faith Church


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